How to Play Online Casino For Real Money

Online casino games have become increasingly popular because, not only do you get to play your favorite game at the comfort of your home, but you also have a chance of winning real money. But, with so many options to choose from, finding a good reputable online casino requires some good research.

play for real moneyMany online casinos claim to be legit, but they are not. You need to be very cautious when choosing an online casino because rogue casinos exist and they rob players of their winnings by refusing to make payouts.

Therefore, avoid getting goldbricked out of your winnings by doing some digging first.

So are there legitimate casinos online?

Yes, there are, but to discover which ones are fraudulent and which ones are not, visit gambling player forums and portals.

Many of these sites have a blacklist of rogue casinos and they also offer recommendations. Therefore, you will have an idea which ones to avoid in complete totality and which online casinos are reputable and have a good track record.

The different types of online casinos

There are two different types of online casinos.

1. Internet-based online casinos

Typically, these are just websites where players can get to play online casino games without needing to download a program software to your PC.

2. Download-based online casinos

These are online casinos that require a user to download a software in order for them to play the casino games provided.

The advantage of internet-based online casinos is that you can play anywhere and at your own convenience. However, if you lose internet connection, then this automatically disrupts your play.

Download-based online casinos have one advantage over internet-based casinos and that is their graphics are of better quality. The downside of download-based online casinos is that you cannot play anywhere other than on the device where you have downloaded the program software.

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Online casinos for real money and no deposit?

Now we get to the most interesting part of online casinos and that is winning real money without spending a penny. Of course, this sounds too good to be true, but there are reputable casinos that offer what is called a non-deposit bonus. This is a type of bonus that can be claimed without the player needing to deposit any money.

Using non-deposit bonuses is a great way to test the different games offered in an online casino without spending any of your money. Amazingly, players can in actual fact win big using these bonuses. But, remember that the withdrawal of winnings is subject to specific requirements.

Another thing to note is that if you want to continue playing, you will need to make an actual deposit. This is because these bonuses are only promotional offers and the main reason why online casinos offer them is to attract new players.

How do I claim a non-deposit bonus?

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To claim a non-deposit bonus you must first register and open a player account with an online casino that offers these types of bonuses. The process is easy and simple because all you need is to fill out a form by providing some personal information or by downloading the program software.

No website has the same guidelines; therefore, visit the promotion’s page to see what promotions are on offer and what are the terms and conditions for each offer. Different online casinos offer non-deposit bonuses of different values. You may find an online casino offering a non-deposit bonus worth hundreds of dollars. However, most establishments offer non-deposit bonuses worth anywhere between $5 and $50.

Although high valued non-deposit bonuses are attractive, not all that glitters is gold. If you find one of these types of bonuses, think twice. Always go through the fine print to avoid any disappointment and remember, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

Online casino play for real money has never been more of a reality and it could not be simpler. Being able to play an online casino game of your choice at the comfort of your home is convenient and enjoyable.

But with a myriad of online casinos to choose from, it can be a daunting task finding a good reputable one. When I say reputable, I mean an online casino that not only offers games that you enjoy playing but one that will payout your winnings preferably quickly and without any hustles.

There are plenty of rogue casinos on the internet that short-changes their players. So, no matter how attractive non-deposit bonus is, if the online casino offering the bonus is shifty, you could end up losing money.

With that said, what should you look out for before settling on an online casino of your choice?

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1. Good and reliable customer support

I believe that nothing is more annoying and frustrating than an unbearable lengthy wait for a response from customer support. This should tell you that the establishment’s level of incompetence is terribly high and this on its own should be a red flag.

You want to deal with an online casino whose customer support is available 24/7 and is efficient, prompt and responsive.

2. Reliable banking

Banking is a key issue when it comes to online gambling. It is the main reason why certain online casinos get blacklisted, particularly those that take a damn long time to pay off winnings and those that do not pay at all.

An authentic online casino should be able to make quick payouts and offer its players a good selection of cash out options including credit card and bank transfers.

3. Bonuses

Most players who play online casino games for real money, love to take advantage of the bonuses on offer. This is all well and good, and in any case, you want to up your chances of winning big, but you also need to read the terms and conditions of each bonus very carefully.

cards, chips and dicesIf you neglect reading the fine print, you may open yourself to a whole world of problems, especially when you realize you cannot cash-out solely because of the “shifty” conditions tied to the bonus.

When you take up a bonus, you should be able to make use of all of it and make a few more deposits before you are able to get a payout of your winnings.

The value of most bonuses do not exceed $50 and if you find one whose value is in the thousands, be rest assured that the terms given to the player will be less than advantageous.